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Res Ec 797A: Forecasting Order Of Topics And Readings For Lecture 11 (October 11, 2011) Source Page(s) Topic Assignment Due Enders (2 nd edition), p.43, Problem 10: This problem has two parts 6 10-17-11 (Part 1 and Part 2). Do both parts for difference equation (b) only. Hand in a hard copy. If you are using the 1 st edition of Enders, this same problem is on page 56. Material Not Covered Last Class BM 51-57 Second-order difference equations: general solution;
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Unformatted text preview: homogeneous solution; and particular solution BM 58-59 Examples: Applying the conditions for determining stability BM 59-60 Introducing a stochastic component to the difference equation BM 61 Determining the stability of a difference equation using: . rules pertaining to the equations coefficients . the equations characteristic roots BM 62 Stability and Stationarity...
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