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Unformatted text preview: dibulum Stalk connecting the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland pituitary Mammillary bodies Mammillary Relay station for olfactory pathways olfactory mammillary mammillary body body infundibulum The Diencephalon The paraventricular paraventric nucleus nucleus Hypothalamus Hypothalamus Supraoptic Nucleus Supraoptic Contains neurons that produce ADH (antidiuretic produce ADH hormone) horm Paraventricular Nucleus Paraventricular Contains neurons that produce oxytocin produce – Stimulates uterine Stimulates contractions in labor and milk ejection for nursing milk supraoptic supraoptic nucleus nucleus The Diencephalon The Other structures in the region Other Optic chiasma Optic Pituitary gland (hypophysis) Pituitary Diaphragma sella Diaphragma optic chiasma hypophysis The Diencephalon The Epithalamus Epithalamus Pineal gland Pineal Secretes melatonin Secretes Helps regulate sleep/wake cycles sleep/wake May be influenced by light (intensity and day length) day pineal gland The Midbrain The Cerebral Aqueduct Cerebral Runs through midbrain from 3rd to 4th midbrain ventricle cerebral cerebral peduncle peduncle Cerebral Peduncles Cerebral Stalks Stalks Contain motor fibers coming from the motor cortex (corticospinal tract) tract) cerebral cerebral aqueduct aqueduct Posterolateral View The Midbrain The Cranial Nerves III and IV Cranial Corpora Quadrigemina Corpora Four dome-shaped Four shaped nuclei on the dorsal midbrain midbrain Trochlear (IV) Nerve Superior colliculi Superior Visual reflex centers Visual Coordinate head and eye movements eye Inferior colliculi Inferior Act in reflexive responses to sound to Posterior View The Pons The Mostly contains tracts Mostly Cranial nerves V, VI, and VII and Trigeminal (V) Trigeminal Nerve Nerve Abducens Abducens (VI) Nerve (VI) middle Facial middle (VII) Nerve cerebellar peduncles peduncles Posterior Posterior Anterior View View View Medulla Oblongata Medulla Pyramids Pyramids Anterior bulges containing white matter matter Carry corticospinal tracts running from motor cortex (voluntary muscle movement) movement) These fibers decussate (cross over) in the medulla medulla lower medulla = lower oblongata oblongata decussation of decussation pyramids pyramids pyramid Anterior View Medulla: Decussation Medulla: decussation decussation of pyramid of Medulla Oblongata Medulla Plays a role as an autonomic relay center Plays Contains several visceral motor nuclei: Contains Cardiovascular Center Cardiovascular Cardiac ce...
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