Arachnoid dural septa dural dural septa dural falx

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Unformatted text preview: ral Septa Dural falx cerebri Falx cerebri Falx Falx cerebelli Falx Tentorium cerebelli Tentorium tentorium tentorium cerebelli cerebelli falx cerebelli Flax Cerebri Cerebri A A. Superior sagittal sinus B B. Inferior sagittal sinus E C C. Falx cerebri (dual fold) D. Confluence of sinuses E. Dura mater (meningeal layer) D A. Tentorium cerebelli B. Midbrain tegmentum C. Temporal bone(Petrous part) D. Inferior sagittal sinus E. Confluence of sinuses F. Transverse sinus G. Sigmoid sinus . Dural Spaces Dural Subdural space Subdural Space below dura and above arachnoid layer below below Epidural space Epidural Space between bone and the dura (above the dura) (above Not present in the skull skull Three Layers of Meninges Three Arachnoid (Mater) Layer Arachnoid Deep to dura Deep Web-like extensions Web like down to pia mater below down Subarachnoid space Subarachnoid Space below arachnoid membrane arachnoid Filled with CSF Filled Numerous blood vessels vessels Arachnoid villi (granulations) Arachnoid Drain CSF into dural sinuses Drain arachnoid Three Layers of Meninges Three Pia Mater Pia Innermost layer Innermost Adheres to brain and spinal cord spinal Follows folds of brain Follows Very vascular Very Small extension of pia called the filum pia filum terminale fastens the terminale fastens spinal cord down to the coccyx bone the pia mater Cauda Equina and Cauda and Terminal Filum Filum Cauda equina with conus medularis and terminal filum Cauda with conus and filum Cauda Equina Cauda Blood Supply To The Brain Blood Circle of Willis Circle Circular network of blood vessels supplying the brain supplying 2 vertebral, 2 internal carotid arteries contribute contribute Many anastamoses help curtail inadequate blood supply to the brain superior saggital sinus inferior saggital sinus straight sinus transverse sinus The separations of the two layers of the dura mater create the dural venous sinuses. dura mater dural The venous sinuses receive the blood from the veins draining the brain, and this blood brain, flows from the venous sinuses to the internal jugular veins. The walls of the sinuses are flows walls line by endoth...
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