Autonomic relay center plays contains several

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Unformatted text preview: nter- force and rate of heart Cardiac force contraction contraction Vasomotor center regulates B.P. -changes diameter of blood vessel walls Respiratory Centers Respiratory Control rate and depth of breathing (works with pons) pons Other Centers Other Regulate activities such as hiccuping, vomiting, swallowing, coughing, sneezing vomiting, Medulla Oblongata Medulla Ascending Sensory Tract Nuclei Ascending Nucleus cuneatus Nucleus Relay nuclei for ascending sensory information information Nucleus gracilis Nucleus Relay sensory info. from the spinal cord up to the somatosensory cortex up Olivary Nuclei Olivary Neuron cell bodies that relay info. regarding stretch of muscles and joints to the cerebellum the Medulla Oblongata Medulla C.N. VIII, IX, X, XI and XII C.N. Reticular Formation Reticular Clusters of neuron cell bodies scattered throughout the white matter of the midbrain, pons and medulla pons Project to the hypothalamus, thalamus, cerebellum and spinal cord cerebellum Govern arousal of the brain by sending continuous impulses to the cerebral cortex to keep it alert (RAS) keep Filters out repetitive or weak signals to dampen unnecessary input unnecessary The Cerebellum The Two hemispheres Separated by the falx Separated falx cerebelli cerebelli Vermis Vermis arbor vitae Worm-like structure Worm like between the 2 hemishperes hemishperes Folia and fissures Folia Similar to gyri and sulci sulci folia Arbor vitae Arbor White matter with a tree- like appearance tree vermis Cerebellum Cerebellum Function Function Processes info. from the cerebral motor cortex, brainstem nuclei and sensory receptors sensory Sends output regarding timing and coordination of skeletal muscle contraction contraction Makes movements smooth and coordinated smooth cerebellum cerebellum The Cerebellum The 3 Cerebellar Peduncles Cerebellar Connect the cerebellum to the brainstem the Superior Cerebellar Peduncle (1) (1) Carries axons between midbrain and cerebellum and Middle Cerebellar Peduncle (2) (2) 1 2 3 Carries axons between the pons and cerebellum pons Inferior Cerebellar Peduncle (3) (3) Carries axons between the medulla and cerebellum medulla cerebellum cerebellum Spinal Cord Structure Spinal Gray Matter Gray In the interior of the cord In Forms an ‘H’ shape Dendrites & terminals Dend rminals Spinal reflex integrating center Spinal integrating Ventral Horns Ventral Anterior projections of gray matter gray Contain cell bodies of large alpha motor neurons...
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