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Cord foramina of luschkaluschka one of the two

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Unformatted text preview: uschkaLuschka One of the two lateral One openings draining the fourth ventricle into the subarachnoid space at subarachnoid space the cerebellopontine cerebellopontine angle. angle. Foramen of Magendie-, Magendie medially connects the ventricle with the subarachnoidal space. subarachnoidal space. Ependymal Cells Ependymal Ciliated cells that line Ciliated that the brain's ventricles and the spinal cord's central canal and which circulates the spinal fluid iinside the nside spinal brain ventricles and the connecting central canal of the spinal cord. Choroid Plexus Choroid Found on the walls or roof of each of the four ventricles. of Formed by an invagintion of the invagintion of vascular pia mater ( the tela pia mater tela choroidea ) The epithelium that lines the choroid plexus is classified as choroid plexus simple cuboidal. cuboidal The cells will exhibit cilia and microvilli at their free surface. microvilli at This epithelial lining continues into the spinal cord and forms the ependyma. ependyma Using materials brought in the circulation, the cells of the choroid choroid plexus synthesize the components plexus synthesize the of the cerebrospinal fluid and cerebrospinal and secrete it into the lumen of the ventricles. Three Layers of Meninges Three Dura Mater Dura Most superficial Most dura mater Tough, double-layered Tough, layered membrane membrane Outer layer is fused to skull skull In some areas the layers separate to enclose dural separate dural sinuses sinuses Extends inward in some areas forming septa to areas to anchor the brain to the skull skull dural sinus arachnoid granulations periosteal layer meningeal layer the dura in the cranial cavity consist of two layer dura of periosteal layer- equivalent to the periosteum of the cranial bone, periosteal equivalent perios of bone, lies close to the bone with no epidural space lies meningial layer- continues iinto the vertebral column nto meningial the two layers are separated in places by the dural sinuses (spaces he wo layers separated places the dural sinuses that collect blood that has circulated through the brain) collec that has through The nodular white excresences seen here over the excresences seen cerebral hemispheres at the vertex on both sides of the central fissure with falx cerebri of the brain are the falx of arachnoid granulations. arachnoid Dural Septa Dural Du...
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