White matter cerebral association fibers association

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Unformatted text preview: here hemisphere association association fibers fibers The Cerebrum: White Matter The Commissural fibers Commissural Connect areas from one hemisphere to the other hemisphere the Projection fibers Projection Descend from cortex towards lower brain or spinal cord or projection fibers commissural commissural fibers fibers The Cerebrum: White Matter The Commissures Commissures Regions with commissural fibers Corpus callosum- sheet callosum sheet like nerve tract that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres (contains more than 2 million axons. axons. Anterior commissure Anterior anterior commissure corpus callosum fornix Cerebrum: Functions Cerebrum: Three Functional Types of Areas Within the Cerebrum: Three À Sensory Areas Conscious awareness of sensations Conscious Motor Areas Motor Control voluntary functions Control Association Areas Association Control our ability to understand sensory information and coordinate a response coordinate – Somatic sensory association area – Visual association area – Somatic motor association area Cerebral Lobes: Function Cerebral Frontal Lobe Frontal Primary Motor Cortex (1) (1) Precentral gyrus Precentral Allows conscious control of skeletal muscle muscle Contralateral innervation innervation Damage - paralysis paralysis on opposite side of body body 2 3 1 Motor Homunculus Motor Frontal Lobe: Broca’s Area (3) Broca At the base of the premotor premotor cortex usually in only the cortex left hemisphere left a. Activates in proper sequence the muscles of speech (lips, tongue, throat) throat) b. Damage - expressive expressive aphasia; lacking speech as the muscles are not properly activated properly c. Seen in strokes with right side paralysis right 2 3 1 Frontal Lobe: Premotor Area Premotor Premotor Area (2) (2) Controls learned, repetitious motor skills : typing skills Damage - lloss of oss programmed motor skill; you can type, but not with the usual dexterity. dexterity. 2 3 1 Frontal Lobe: Frontal Eye Field Frontal Frontal eye field Frontal anterior to the an...
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