CellPart-II - DNA Cell Division Nucleic Acids Polymers of...

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Nucleic Acids Polymers of monomers called nucleotides serves as blueprint for protein synthesis two types of nucleic acids DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) contains all the inheritable genetic information (genes) RNA (ribonucleic acid)- involved in protein synthesis mRNA rRNA tRNA Nucleotide Each nucleotide has three parts sugar- ribose (5C sugar) or deoxyribose phosphate group- constant nitrogenous base- variable Complimentary Base Pairing Organization of Genetic Material DNA in the cell is thick and very long when compared to the size of the nucleus Perspective: if a DNA molecule was the thickness of a telephone pole, it would reach 2700 miles into space The cell has 46 DNA molecules that must fit into the nucleus organized and intact. Organization of Genetic Material Chromatin - longs strands of DNA in beaded like strands Nucleosome - DNA wrapped around a cluster of proteins called histones Non-histons protein- provide structural support for the chromatin and help regulate gene activity Nucleosome DNA Replication In Cell Division The reasons for cell division growth repair reproduction Two kinds of cell division somatic cell division- mitosis sex cell division- meiosis DNA Replication
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Replication begins at a Specific Sight on the Double Helix Mutations Any change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA Three major types of mutations alterations within a gene abnormal numbers of chromosomes
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CellPart-II - DNA Cell Division Nucleic Acids Polymers of...

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