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Cranium, What to know - Internal acoustic meatus Zygomatic...

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Anatomy and Physiology 2a Dr. Ivey Sphenoid Bone Superior orbital fissure Optic canal Anterior clinoid process Tuberculum sellae Posterior clinoid process Sella turcica Dorsum sellae Foramen spinosum Foramen rotundum Foramen ovale Pterygoid process Medial pterygoid process Lateral pterygoid process Mandible Coronoid process Condylar process of the head Mandibular notch Body, Angle, Ramus Mental protuberance Mental foramen Alveolar margin Mylohyoid line Mandibular foramen Hyoid bone Greater horn Lesser horn Ethmoid-Bane Cribiform plate Crista galli Perpendicular plate Superior nasal concha Middle nasal concha Olfactory formina Palatine Bone Perpendicular plate Horizontal plate Orbital process Conchal crest Temporal Bone Squamous part Petrous part Mastoid process Styloid process
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Unformatted text preview: Internal acoustic meatus Zygomatic process Mandibular fossa External acoustic meatus Mastoid foramen Stylomastoid foramen Jugular fossa Carotid canal Maxilla Frontal process Lacrimal process Zygomatic process infraorbital foramen Alveolar process Anterior nasal spine Maxillary sinuses Orbital rim Palatal Process Incisive canal Occipital-Bone Foramen magnum Hypoglossal canal Occipital condyle Condyloid fossa External occipital protuberance Internal occipital protuberance External occipital crest Internal occipital crest Superior nuchal tine Inferior nuchal line Fossa for cerebellum Fossa for cerebrum Jugular notch Frontal Bone Superorbital notch (foramen) Frontal suture Orbital surface Squamous part Superior temporal line...
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