Muscular system

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Unformatted text preview: The Muscular System Three types of muscle • Skeletal muscle­ attaches to and moves bone – is striated – is voluntary • Smooth muscle­ located in the walls of internal structures – non­striated – Involuntary • Cardiac muscle Functions of Muscle Tissue • Motion • Movement of substances within the body • Stabilizing body position and regulating organ volume – maintaining posture – maintaining food storage in stomach • Heat production – muscle contraction generates 85% of the body’s heat Characteristics of Muscle Tissue • Excitability­ receive and respond to stimuli • Contractility­ ability to shorten and thicken • Extensibility­ ability to stretch • Elasticity­ ability to return to its original shape after contraction or extension General Anatomy of Skeletal Muscle • origin­ stationary end of muscle attachement • insertion­ mobile end of attachment • belly­ thicker middle region Structure of Skeletal Muscle Connective tissue components • fascia­ sheets or bands of fibrous c.t. around organs, muscle and beneath the skin – superficial fascia (subcutaneous layer)­ composed of areolar c.t. and adiose tissue and is located under the skin – deep fascia­ composed of dense, irregular c.t. that holds muscles together and from which the various subdivisions of muscle c.t. are derived In hand and eye there are fewer than 100 fibers per motor unit; in lower leg there are 1000 fibers per motor unit Production of ATP in Muscle Fibers • Muscles have three ways to produce ATP – from creatine phosphate­unique to muscle tissue – anaerobic cellular respiration using glycogen – aerobic cellular respiration us...
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