Midterm1 - Study Guide For Human Anatomy and Physiology 2A...

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Study Guide For Human Anatomy and Physiology 2A : LECTURE MIDTERM #1 Our first exam will cover chapters1, 2 and 3 in the text and PowerPoint Lectures 1-5. PowerPoints give the important highlights of the major concepts to be learned. A good way to study for this exam would be to 1) READ and outline the chapter and REVIEW PowerPoints 2) Answer Review Questions at the End of each Chapter 3) Form Study Groups and answer all of the questions below . 4) learn all bold face terms. ) Above all….read and study for UNDERSTANDING! Chapter One: TEXT READING : Read all; pages 12 20 ( body orientation) will be covered on practical. Define the following terms: gross anatomy, microanatomy; give examples how one would go about studying each. What is the science of physiology? Give an example of form is for function. How does this relate to anatomy? How does it relate to physiology? What are the characteristics of all living things? What are the levels of organization in living organisms? Define the following terms: tissue, organ, organ system. What organs are involved in the urinary system, the cardiovascular, the pulmonary, the lymphatic, digestive, reproductive, and the endocrine systems other systems. What is homeostasis? What is a positive Feedback loop? A negative Feedback Loop? Examples? Chapter Two: TEXT READINGS: pages 25 58 Define chemical elements and list the four elements that make up the bulk of human body matter. What are the most commonly found elements in living systems? Define atom; Compare and contrast proton, neutron and electrons with respect to their charges,
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Midterm1 - Study Guide For Human Anatomy and Physiology 2A...

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