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Day Date Lecture Topic Lecture Chapter Exam Covers Lab Topic Lab Experiment M2 2 Jun Intro: Nervous System 12 Neuron/Cerebellum/Glia/SLIDES Exp. 1, HO on Nerve Physiology Tu 23 Jun Spinal Cord 13 Spinal Cord . Slides Lab 2, HO on Spinal Cord W2 4 Jun The Brain Proper 14 Cranial Nerves, Sheep Brains Labs 3, 4 and 5, 6 an7 Th 25 Jun ANS and Visceral Sys. 15 Nerve Plexus, Cat Dissection 8,9, Cat Dissection 9 Jun LECTURE/LAB EXAM 1 17 Endocrinology/Pituitary Gland Lab 12:Hypophysis Slides Tu 30 Jun Hypothalamus/Pituitary 17 Adren. Horm. /Pancr. Hormones Pancreas, Adrenal Gl. Slides W1 Jul Adrenal Gland et. al 17 Endo/ Reproduction Ovary and Testes( Slides) Th 2 Jul Reproduction Reproduction : Gametogenesis Meiosis M6 Jul LECTURE/LAB EXAM2 Blood / Typing Lab 18, Hand Outs T7 Jul Blood 22 Slides: Lymph Node, Spleen Slides: Spleen, Lym. nod, Thymu, w8 Jul Lymphatic System 27 Slides: Tonsils, et. Al Slides: Palantine Tonsil, Ly.Vess. Th 9 Jul Cardiovascular I 18 Gross Anatomy of Heart Sheep Heart Dissection: Lab 12
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