poems - They bishop compliments soldiers"The ways of...

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In Flanders Fields - John McCrae most popular poem poppies are a symbol of Remembrance Day Base Details - Siegfried Sassoon incompetent and mean leaders stay at the base sending "glum heroes up the line to death" Parable of the Old Man and the Young - Wilfred Owen Abram actually does sacrifice son, Isaac Abram represents governments who start wars "...slew his son, / and half the seed of Europe, one by one." The Cenotaph a structure/prostitutes dead people will not be honored
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Unformatted text preview: They bishop compliments soldiers "The ways of God are strange" Elegy in a Country Courtyard people work in England, fought and buried elsewhere people who led the war aren't dead "immigrant grave" Suicide in the Trenches boy kills himself "pray you never know" Channel Firing dead wonder what's going on practice firing The Second Coming sphynx - human face xmas 1924 - 2000 years of war - poison gas...
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