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Study Guide for Lab Practical 3

Study Guide for Lab Practical 3 - Know basic anatomy of...

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Study Guide for Lab Practical 3 Topics and Labs : Digestive Tract, Metabolism and Nutrition and Kidneys Stations for this practical will have questions on the any of the lab material and or worksheets we covered on the digestive tract , metabolism or urinary system. Included are: The macromolecule lab: Proteins, carbs and lipid indicator lab. Digestive system slides: Look of difference in the morphology of GI tract as you go from esophagus to anus. Look for localized differences. What kinds of cells will be seen only in the deuodenum? The illum? Know the histological difference of oral cavity and stomach. See questions from last Thursday’s lab.
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Unformatted text preview: Know basic anatomy of digestive tract and be able to label . Know the intestinal villi model with intestinal crypt and be able to label. Know stomach glands and their cells ( diagrams) and digitals ( parietals , chief cells) Model of stomach ( pyloric, cardiac and gastric region) Kidney: Kidney Slides Glomerulus, proximal tubules, distil tubules Find the squamous epithelia and collecting tubules Urinalysis: How is this done? What is specific density? How is it measured? What is BUN? Name the pigments found in urine. Student generated questions. Cat Dissection/ Review Questions....
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