SYLLABUS - Human Anatomy and Physiology 2B Riverside...

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Human Anatomy and Physiology 2B Riverside Community College _________________________________________________________________________ Instructor: Diane Olin Website: / E-mail: [email protected] Course Description: Human Anatomy and Physiology 2B is the second of a two course series that introduces students to the basic concepts and principles of human anatomy and physiology. This course will provide a foundation for advanced study of the human body. The course covers the following systems; the nervous system, the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the urinary system, the digestive system and metabolism, and the reproductive system. It is designed to meet the prerequisites for professional programs in medical and biomedical fields, e.g. nursing, dental hygiene, physical therapy and physician’s assistant. The course will consist of 36 hours of lecture and 108 hours of laboratory. This is a web-enhanced course. 2B as a Web-Enhanced Course : Actually, if you have taken one of my classes in the last year, this is not really new. All it means is that the course is using either an official school website or Blackboard to facilitate the learning material . This semester we will be using the website. All of our lecture notes as well as useful links for anatomy on this website that will help you learn anatomy that is introduced and taught in your laboratory session. Please take advantage of this website as a lot of time has gone into its preparation. The site is designed to facilitate classroom learning. There will be a plethora of websites with games, images and made just for Human Anatomy and Physiology. Really…web- enhanced learning compliments our already well planned lecture and “hands-on” laboratory style. Please take full advantage of this fantastic learning tool! WHY PRINTING THE LECTURE NOTES IS REQUIRED:
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SYLLABUS - Human Anatomy and Physiology 2B Riverside...

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