panel-SSA-06 - Models for Sponsored Search What are the...

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Unformatted text preview: Models for Sponsored Search: What are the right questions? (Panel Discussion) Panelists: Kamal Jain, David Pennock, Michael Schwarz, and Rakesh Vohra Moderator: Jason Hartline Transcript: Maria-Florina Balcan, Jianqing Chen, Nikhil Devanur, and Anuj Kumar Panel: Jule 11, 2006 Transcript: September 27, 2006 The Second Workshop on Sponsored Search Auctions was held in conjunction with the Sixth ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 11, 2006. The workshop closed with a panel discussion on the subject Models for Sponsored Search: what are the right questions? . This panel was proposed by Lance Fortnow and Rakesh Vohra. The panelists were Kamal Jain from Microsoft Research, David Pennock from Yahoo! Research, Michael Schwarz from Yahoo! Research and U.C. Berkeley, and Rakesh Vohra from The Kellogg School at Northwestern U. The panel was moderated by Jason Hartline and transcribed from a noisy recording by Maria- Florina Balcan, Jianqing Chen, Nikhil Devanur, and Anuj Kumar. The transcript is as accurate as possible given the nature of the recording and is meant solely as a research aid for those doing research in the area of sponsored search. Thanks are in order to all who participated in the panel and to those who made this transcript possible. 1 Opening Statements. Jason: I’m delighted to introduce our panelists Kamal Jain, Rakesh Vohra, Michael Schwarz, and David Pennock. The topic of this panel is on “models for sponsored search: what are the right questions”. The way that we are going to run this panel is that first our panelists are going to have a moment to make a brief statement about this topic in general and then we are going to proceed through a number of broad topics. We are going to give the panelists a chance to respond to the topics and then we’d like to encourage questions from the audience on these specific topics. Then after proceeding through these specific topics, if you have questions that don’t logically fit under these categories, then we encourage you to ask those at the end. Also, I’m delighted to announce that a number of students have volunteered their time to take very careful notes during this presentation and including the fact that we are recording this discussion so that we can make sure not to miss and gems that are said [laughter], uh, gems or otherwise that are said during the course of the panel. So, we should definitely be appreciative of their efforts as well as the efforts of the panelists. So let’s start with Kamal with his brief commends. 1 Kamal: Thanks, my name is Kamal Jain and I’m from Microsoft research. the first thing I would say about sponsored search is that it tries to price everything at a very atomic level and individual auctions are run very often. That allows a higher optimization. There is another place where the same thing happens. It’s called the BitTorrent system. It is a peer-to-peer system where people exchange files where you give as many packets to others as you receive.system where people exchange files where you give as many packets to others as you receive....
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panel-SSA-06 - Models for Sponsored Search What are the...

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