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Learning to read on the fifth and sixth strings A Say the note names out loud, first without playing, as you keep a steady beat (use a metronome). Refrain from writing in note names or frets once you understand the note relationship on the guitar. Commit the note names and positions to tactile and visual memory. Learn them thouroughly before going on to minimize confusion. Ex 5.1 A A A E E E E etc. Ex. 5.2 Open 5th and 6th strings--no rests for the weary! Keep saying those note names! B Ex. 5.3 Notes on the 5th string frets; review p. 15 of textbook!
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Unformatted text preview: B C C C B B A etc. 7 Say those note names! E Ex. 5.4 Notes on the 6th string frets; review p. 15 of textbook! E F F G G etc. Ex. 5.5 Fasten your seatbelts! 5...
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