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[Here’s a sample report turned in by an actual student. You don’t need to follow it exactly, but try to touch on most, if not all, the areas covered in this report. Your report needs to be a least a page long, double spaced, and typed/printed on computer. Hand-written reports will not be accepted.] Master Class Report Name Johnny Q. Student Course Intermediate Classical Guitar Date Saturday Feb 12 th 2006, 1-4 PM Event: Jeremy Jouve Master Class, Recital Hall, Music Building, West Valley College. General Reaction: [here you can explain your assumptions about what this sort of event would be like, and how it either met, or was different from, those expectations. You can also just describe your overall response to the program presented, whether a concert or master class.] This was first time I ever attended a master class. Before entering the hall I did not have much Idea of what a Master Class was. Probably this phrase is common here in US for any studies and not just music. After the class I realized that a Master class is a session
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