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Introductory Practice Log NAME P. 1 Date : _____________ Major goal for today: Goal for the week: Review “Seating Position” (p. 7) : Comments/questions: Review “The Right Hand Position” (p. 12) ; Check RH position: remember , no fingers touch the guitar top, and keep arch in wrist! Review “The Left-Hand Position (p. 14) ; Check LH position: remember , thumb remains behind the guitar’s neck! Play from tips of fingers, keeping them curved Comments/questions: Review “The Thumb Free Stroke” (p. 13) comments/questions: Thumb free strokes on open strings Time spent: Metronome speed: chromatic scale with “p” Time spent: Metronome speed: New assigned note-reading exercises (2 each day–see below) –book or handout Pre-reading the music (short sections) – See “How to Practice,” p. 16 I read/clapped rhythms out loud (with metronome) before playing: yes no I pointed at, and said note names aloud before playing yes no I visualized each note’s position on the instrument
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