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HowtoPractice.1 - Beginning Classical Guitar How to...

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Beginning Classical Guitar: How to Practice In order to learn guitar most effectively, here are some basic guidelines that you should follow every day. Guitar practice should be oriented toward sharing music; the real enjoyment and satisfaction of guitar playing comes from being able to play even simple pieces well, but requires a certain type of attention and discipline. 1. Schedule your practice time . For many, a discipline like guitar practice is a new concept, and requires special effort until a habit is maintained. Establish at least a half-hour block of undistracted time each day that you can spend with the guitar. Do not try to squeeze in a few minutes of practice here and there, or simply hope that the time will materialize at the end of each day. Notice any resistance that arises to practicing. 2. Create a good practice environment: Find a quiet space where there are no distractions. Make sure your sitting area is one where you can maintain good posture and correct guitar-holding position. This means that slouched on the couch in front of the television is incorrect!
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