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The spider This is an excellent strength and independence-building exercise that’s tons of fun. Impress friends, family, scare children on Hallowe’en! It promotes good left hand position and preparation! An excellent primer for contrapuntal music! Can be done in any position–5th through 7 th are easiest! Instructions are for 5 th position The study is most effective when you move (prepare) each pair of fingers into position while the previous notes are still sounding. 1. Place finger 3 at 7 th fret, 4 th string, finger 1 at 5 th fret 2 nd string; play notes together or in sequential 8 th note pattern 2. Move finger 2 to 6 th fret, 4 th string, finger 4 to 8 th fret; 2 nd string; play with even rhythm, together, or continuing the 8 th note pattern
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Move finger 1 to fret 5, fourth string, finger 3 to fret 7; play together or continuing 8 th note pattern 4. Move finger 4 into position at the 8 th fret, 4 th string, finger 2 at the 6 th fret, 2 nd string; play continuing pattern. 5. Repeat until fatigued, rest, repeat. ... The left hand pattern looks like this: String 4 3 2 1 4 String 2 1 4 3 2 • As with all exercises, don’t go faster than you can play with 100 % accuracy and good tone quality • Move fingers simultaneously in smooth opposing motions • You can perform this on any pair of strings, and even change strings between patterns • You can change frets at the start of each cycle, moving it up and down the neck...
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