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Review For Soc 102 Final - Chapter 9 Drugs o Drug any...

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Chapter 9- Drugs o Drug- any chemical substance other than food or water that affects the mind or body o Why do people use drugs? Therapeutic use- reducing pain Recreational use Spiritual or psychological uses (Native Americans w/ Peyote) Escape Social Conformity o Addiction- a physical or psychological craving for a drug o Dependency- a state in which a person’s body has adjusted to regular use of a drug o Stimulants- drugs that increase alertness changing a person’s mood by increasing energy o Depressants- drugs that slow the operation of the central nervous system o Hallucinogens- stimulants generally taken in pull or capsule form that cause hallucinations o Co-Dependency- behavior on the part of other that helps a substance abuser continue o Strategies to control drugs Interdiction- stop drugs from crossing the border Prosecution Education Treatment o Decriminalization- removing the current criminal penalties that punish the manufacturing, sale, and personal use of drugs Chapter 18- War o War- violent conflict between nations or organized groups o Peace- absence of violent conflict o Causes of War Perceived threats Cultural or religious differences Political objectives Moral objectives Wealth, power, and global standing Social Problems Absence of alternatives o Economic/Human Cost of War- war often destroys a country’s infrastructure and the biggest cost of war is always the death toll o Total war- deadly conflict that targets both population centers and military targets o War crime- an offense against the law of war as established by international agreements and international law
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o War-related disabilities- Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD): symptoms include nightmares, difficulty with concentration and sleeping and flashbacks o
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