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Friday : Global Comprehension for Distributed Replay Dennis Geels * , Gautam Altekar , Petros Maniatis φ , Timothy Roscoe , Ion Stoica * Google, Inc., University of California at Berkeley, φ Intel Research Berkeley, ETH Z¨urich Abstract Debugging and profiling large-scale distributed applica- tions is a daunting task. We present Friday , a system for debugging distributed applications that combines de- terministic replay of components with the power of sym- bolic, low-level debugging and a simple language for ex- pressing higher-level distributed conditions and actions. Friday allows the programmer to understand the col- lective state and dynamics of a distributed collection of coordinated application components. To evaluate Friday , we consider several distributed problems, including routing consistency in overlay net- works, and temporal state abnormalities caused by route flaps. We show via micro-benchmarks and larger-scale application measurement that Friday can be used inter- actively to debug large distributed applications under re- play on common hardware. 1 Introduction Distributed applications are complex, hard to design and implement, and harder to validate once deployed. The difficulty derives from the distribution of applica- tion state across many distinct execution environments, which can fail individually or in concert, span large ge- ographic areas, be connected by brittle network chan- nels, and operate at varying speeds and capabilities. Cor- rect operation is frequently a function not only of single- component behavior, but also of the global collection of states of multiple components. For instance, in a mes- sage routing application, individual routing tables may appear correct while the system as a whole exhibits rout- ing cycles, flaps, wormholes or other inconsistencies. To face this difficulty, ideally a programmer would be able to debug the whole application , inspecting the state of any component at any point during a debugging ex- ecution, or even creating custom invariant checkers on global predicates that can be globally evaluated continu- ously as the system runs. In the routing application ex- ample, a programmer would be able to program her de- bugger to check continuously that no routing cycles exist across the running state of the entire distributed system, as easily as she can read the current state of program vari- ables in typical symbolic debuggers. Friday , the system we present in this paper, is a first step towards realizing this vision. Friday (1) cap- tures the distributed execution of a system, (2) replays the captured execution trace within a symbolic debug- ger, and (3) extends the debugger’s programmability for complex predicates that involve the whole state of the re- played system. To our knowledge, this is the first replay- based debugging system for unmodified distributed ap- plications that can track arbitrary global invariants at the fine granularity of source symbols. Capture and replay in
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friday-nsdi07 - Friday Global Comprehension for Distributed...

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