review for soc test 1 - Chapter 1 Sociological Imagination-...

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Chapter 1 Sociological Imagination- a point of view that highlights how society affects the experiences we have and the choices we make Sociology- the systematic study of human society Society- refers to people who live within some territory and share many patterns of behavior Culture- a way of life including widespread values (about what is good and bad), beliefs (about what is true), and behavior (what people do every day) Social Problem- a condition that undermines the well-being of some or all members of a society and is usually a matter of public controversy Social Constructionism- social problems arise as people define conditions as undesirable and in need of change Claims Making- the process of convincing the public and important public officials that a particular issue or situation should be defined as a social problem Social Movement- an organized effort at claims making that tries to shape the way people think about an issue in order to encourage or discourage social change Stages of Social Movements 1. Emergence- people become concerned about the status quo and begin to make claims about the need for change 2. Coalescence- when rallies and demonstrations begin being made, make public the beliefs and political lobbying begins 3. Formalizations- players become established on the political scene and the
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review for soc test 1 - Chapter 1 Sociological Imagination-...

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