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phys218-spring-2011-exam-final-practice - PHYS 218 Final...

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PHYS 218, Final Exam Name: (Last) (First) (Middle) 1. Record ”10” as your two-digit exam version number on the scantron form in the field “TEST/QUIZ NUMBER”. 2. Write your name here and on the scantron form. 3. Record your PUID number in the “STUDENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER” field on your scantron form. 4. A numeric answer that is correct to within 1% error is considered correct. 1
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1. Suppose you are watching a scene in a movie where two cars collide. After the scene ends, you hit the rewind button and watch the scene in reverse. Which of the following physical laws are violated when the events proceed in reverse, i.e. when time is reversed? (a) Newton’s 2nd Law (b) Conservation of Energy (c) Conservation of Momentum (d) Newton’s 3rd Law (e) None of the above 2. The hand gripping this very long string oscillates up-and-down at a frequency of 3.2 Hz for several seconds. The velocity of wave propagation on the string is 10.6 cm/s. You take a photograph of the string, showing its shape at one instant in time. Which of the following pictures would you see?
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