phys218-syllabus - PHYS218 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS General...

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Lecturer in Charge: Prof. Brian A. Todd Office: Room 68, Physics Building Phone: 494-3004 Email: batodd Office Hours: Laboratory: Dr. Andrzej (Andrew) Lewicki CHIP Administrator: Dr. V.K. Saxena Office: Room 142, Physics Building Office: Room 176, Physics Building E-Mail: [email protected] E-Mail: [email protected] Phone: 494-9575 Recitation Instructor: Mr. Michael Meier Lab Instructor: Mr. Tony Clevenger E-Mail: mdmeier E-Mail: [email protected] Lab Instructor: Mr. Chandan Setty E-Mail: [email protected] TEXTBOOKS: College Physics , Nicholas J. Giordano, Volume 1, Cengage Learning, ISBN 0-49-5739901, 2008 Physics 218 Laboratory Manual , Andrzej Lewicki, Nicholas Giordano and Michael Zimmer, LAD Custom Publishing RESPONSE PAD: I-Clicker, ISBN 0-7167-7939-0, Bedford/Freeman/Worth. You must obtain and i-clicker and register it on CHIP. Both old "i>clicker" and new "i>clicker2" work. COURSE GOALS: The goals for this course are for you to understand classical mechanics and thermodynamics and to become adept at solving relevant problems. Working numeric problems requires a proficiency in algebra and trigonometry. The course has three components: Lecture, Recitation, and Laboratory. LECTURES: Monday and Wednesday from 1:30 – 2:20 PM in PHYS room 114 The lecture will be used to introduce new material and may contain any number of iClicker quizzes. The total quiz grade for each lecture will be 2 points, 1 of which is awarded for simply taking the quizzes and the other which is awarded for answering correctly. You are free to collaborate with your fellow students in answering the quizzes. Your three lowest grades will be dropped, so, you can miss up to three lectures without penalty. For this reason, there will be no make-up quizzes and no need to produce excuses for absences from lecture. More importantly, the lecture is your chance to ask questions and to discuss things that you find
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phys218-syllabus - PHYS218 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS General...

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