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Unformatted text preview: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *220/fall2011 PL05/plqz05.xm* for user *ajcg* ** /(Last updated: Thu Aug 11 12:04:58 2011)/ Level 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Forces and Equilibrium Quiz/Exam questions can be viewed and submitted only once, and, once viewed, must be submitted within the allowed elapsed time. *(A)* What is the condition for translational equilibrium? 1. The acceleration of the object is constant. 2. There are no forces acting on the object. 3. None of the other choices 4. The sum of all the forces acting on an object is 0. ____________________ /[weight: 1]/ *(B)* Two divers run horizontally off the end of a diving board. When the divers hit the water, diver 2 has covered twice the horizontal distance covered by diver 1. Is the initial speed of diver 2 1. the same as 2. twice as much as 3. four times the initial speed of diver 1? ____________________ /[weight: 1]/ *(C)* It is impossible to know the vertical component of the velocity of a projectile when it is at its maximum height. 1. True 2. False ____________________ /[weight: 1]/ *(D)* The acceleration of a projectile at it's maximum height is 0. 1. False 2. True ____________________ /[weight: 1]/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...
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