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Unformatted text preview: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *220/fall2011 PL07/plqz07.xm* for user *ajcg* ** /(Last updated: Thu Aug 11 14:25:46 2011)/ Level 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Uniform Circular Motion Quiz/Exam questions can be viewed and submitted only once, and, once viewed, must be submitted within the allowed elapsed time. *(A)* In uniform circular motion,is the velocity constant? ? Is the acceleration constant? 1. both 2. acceleration only 3. neither 4. velocity only ____________________ /[weight: 1]/ *(B)* Consider the rock in the figure below as it undergoes uniform circular motion (before the string breaks). Which of the following statements is correct? (More than one statement may be correct.) 1. */a/* and */v/* are always parallel. 2. */a/* and */v/* are always perpendicular. 3. The direction of */v/* changes as the rock moves around the circle. 4. The direction of */a/* changes as the rock moves around the circle. ____________________ /[weight: 1]/ *(C)* The moon is able to move in a circle around Earth because the centripetal force is provided by gravity. 1. True 2. False ____________________ /[weight: 1]/ *(D)* If you let go of a pencil on the moon, it will float off into space. 1. False 2. True ____________________ /[weight: 1]/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...
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