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Quiz17 - [weight 1 4 OK(A A hollow cylindrical rod and a...

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220/fall2011 PL17/plqz17.xm for user ajcg (Last updated: Thu Sep 8 15:22:37 2011) Elasticity and harmonic motion Quiz/Exam questions can be viewed and submitted only once , and, once viewed, must be submitted within the allowed elapsed time. Consider a child on a playground swing. Suppose a friend then jumps onto the swing so that both children are swinging together and the mass of the pendulum is increased by about a factor of two. How does that change the period of the swing? The period decreases. 1. The period increases. 2. We need the masses of the children to answer this question 3. The period stays the same. 4. ____________________
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Unformatted text preview: [weight: 1] 4 OK (A) A hollow cylindrical rod and a solid cylindrical rod are made of the same material. The two rods have the same length and outer radius. If the same compressional force is applied to each rod, which has the greater change in length? Solid rod 1. Hollow rod 2. Both have the same change in length 3. ____________________ [weight: 1] 2 OK (This question has been adapted from codes originally written by and for WebAssign .) Logout ajcg 220/fall2011 Reading_Quiz Problem Listing https://chip.physics.purdue.edu/cgi-bin/220/fall2011/Inst. .. 1 of 1 12/07/2011 03:09 PM...
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