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220/fall2011 PL24/plqz24.xm for user ajcg (Last updated: Thu Sep 29 00:53:47 2011) Gas Properties Quiz/Exam questions can be viewed and submitted only once , and, once viewed, must be submitted within the allowed elapsed time. (A) The air in a room consists mainly of O 2 and N 2 molecules. Which has the larger average speed? N 2 molecules 1. O 2 molecules 2. ____________________ [weight: 1] 1 OK (B) You are working in a chemical laboratory when a dangerous gas accidentally begins to leak from a container. Suppose we double the size of the laboratory room.
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Unformatted text preview: How does that aFect the time required for an average molecule to diFuse across the room? The time increases by a factor of four 1. The time is doubled 2. The time does not change 3. ____________________ [weight: 1] 1 OK (C) True or False : All of the molecules in a gas have the same speed. ±alse 1. True 2. ____________________ [weight: 1] 1 OK Logout ajcg 220/fall2011 Reading_Quiz Problem Listing https://chip.physics.purdue.edu/cgi-bin/220/fall2011/Inst. .. 1 of 1 12/07/2011 03:12 PM...
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