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Problem of the Week – 12 A rod of length L and negligible mass is attached to a disk of mass M and radius R. A string is wrapped around the disk, and you pull on the string with a constant force F. Two small balls each of mass m slide along the rod with negligible friction. The apparatus starts from rest, and when the center of the disk has moved a distance d, a length of string s has come off the disk, and the balls have collided with the ends of the rod and stuck
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Unformatted text preview: there. The apparatus slides on a nearly frictionless table. Here is a view from above: a) At this instant, what is the speed v of the center of the disk? b) At this instant, the angular speed of the disk is ω . How much thermal energy has been produced? c) In the next short amount of time Δ t, by how much will the angular speed change ( Δω )? d) Bonus: Instead of assuming that you know ω in part (b), solve for it!...
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