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Physics 214 PURDUE UNIVERSITY Fall 2011 Lecturer: David Miller; Office: PHYS 376; Office hours: after lectures or by appointment. Course Web Page: http://www.physics.purdue.edu/academic_programs/courses/phys214/ Feedback: On the course home page you will find a feedback link. You can use this to ask physics questions concerning lecture topics or in fact any physics topic. This can also include Web sites or movies that you think would be of general interest. You can also give constructive feedback on improving the course. Course Email: Send all questions concerning CHIP to chip214@physics.purdue.edu . You may send other questions about the course to millerdh@purdue.edu . Do not send questions concerning CHIP to me. Text: Physics of Everyday Phenomena , 7th edition (5th or 6 th editions are also OK and would be cheaper if available) by W. Thomas Griffiths (McGraw Hill, New York). The textbook publisher maintains a web page of supplemental material. First Time Users are required to set up a web account. Lectures: 8:30 a.m. - 9:20 a.m., Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in PHYS 114. Questions are encouraged before, during or after any lecture. Note card questions are also encouraged. The purpose of the lectures is to allow a more detailed presentation of the principles and connections of the subject material covered in the textbook. Demonstrations will be used to help illustrate the principles under discussion. Lectures will be posted on the Web. You are expected to attend all lectures and participate by asking questions and participating in discussions. IClicker You must purchase an Iclicker from the bookstore. Be sure and purchase the correct one. These will be used in lecture for class quizzes. You must register your Iclicker serial number (clicker ID) in the student grade book on CHIP. NOT THE ICLICKER Web SITE Class quizzes We will be using the Iclicker system ( http://www.iclicker.com ) for class quizzes. The Iclicker is a hand held device used for answering multiple choice questions in class. There will be one or two such questions in each lecture starting in the second week to aid in determining whether physical concepts, principles etc have been understood. These quizzes are worth 100 points. Assignments: The reading and homework schedules are listed in this document. The reading schedule gives the approximate dates during which the text material will be discussed. This material should be read before attending lecture. Students who have read the assigned material prior to class will find the lecture far more meaningful. Exams:
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214_Fall_2011_syllabus - Physics 214 PURDUE UNIVERSITY Fall...

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