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1019 - 10/19 1 2001 Afghanistan 1 Alberto Gonzalez and John...

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10/19 1. 2001 Afghanistan 1. Alberto Gonzalez and John Yoo authorized torture in time of war (prisoners have forfeited rights under Geneva Conventions and therefore don’t need to be treated regarding Geneva Conventions) 2. HVT (High Value Terrorist): intelligence value to US high 1. Sent to intelligence agencies 1. FBI-rapport 2. CIA-coercion (CIA usually ends up with all cases because prisoners are taken from FBI since they work faster than FBI) 1. Afghan National Army (ANA) or Afghan Militia Forces (AMF): prisoners from CIA can be sent here where torture is not regulated 2. Extraordinary Rendition: sent to Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, etc. (secret prison camps in eastern Europe) 3. (anything beyond CIA is outright torture) 3. Department of Defense (DoD): prisoners who aren’t HVT (Rumsfeld wants results like the CIA is getting) 1. Army 1. Guantanamo, Cuba 2. Camp X-Ray 1. As it becomes a more permanent camp, we start putting HVT there 2. Colin Powell, John McCain, FBI: objected to Camp X-Ray 1.
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  • Fall '08
  • Geneva Conventions, Enhanced interrogation techniques, Afghan National Army, prisoners cartoon character, High Value Terrorist, Afghan Militia Forces

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