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9/19 1. Private Slovak in violation of Article War 58 1. Arrived in France in August 1944-infantry 2. First action: runs away and turns himself into the Canadian Military Police-- manual labor (“joins” Canadian unit) 3. Canadians send him back to unit in October--isn’t punished because they need him as a soldier 4. Negotiates with company commander--is told if he leaves again it will be considered desertion 5. Deserts again 6. Surrenders to a US Army Cook-Writes a letter to the unit offering to come back (aka written confession) so long as he isn’t put in the front line 7. Goes to trial--expected to be sent and looking to go prison because he doesn’t want to fight-he’s willing to work, he just doesn’t want to be on the line
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Unformatted text preview: 1. 10-11:40, Jury (nine commissioned officers) voted in ten minutes (unanimously), 5 witnesses 2. Executed by line of rifle-men (death was used as an example--wanted a deterrent effect for other soldiers thinking of deserting) 3. Dishonorable discharge (widow not eligible for benefits) 8. Battle of the Bulge changed Kimmelman’s mind about the verdict--he watched the army disintegrate and he himself eventually surrendered 2. If a company has a problem it falls on the company commander--(drug tests: pick people that will be sure to pass so the company commander upholds his reputation) 3. 14 acts can result in execution (murder and rape, abuse toward prisoners, crimes of disobedience or disloyalty)...
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