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Lab Report #5 Template Investigating Electron Transport in Photosynthesis Lab group report responsibilities: Primary author of section I (Overview) = Fady Ghali Primary author of section II (Results) = Emily Smith Primary author of section III (Conclusions) = Eugenia Soliterman Overview: Questions: 1 (addressed in lab): At which wavelength do the chloroplasts absorb the most light and allow photosynthesis to occur? 2 (associated w/ topic): Which chlorophyll molecules in the antenna complex got excited in the different wavelengths of light? 3 (follow-up): How does the quantity of chloroplasts differ on the different orientations of the plant? (i.e. the surface of the leaf versus the center of the leaf) Approach: First, we separated the spinach leaf from the “veins” and grinded up the spinach leaf so that the cell wall would break and all its organelles would be mixed together. We then centrifuged the solution of free-flowing organelles to separate the largest organelles from the smallest ones to make a pellet of nuclei and ER, and a supernatant solution. We then removed the supernatant solution and centrifuged that alone on a higher rate to separate the organelles yet again and create a new pellet of the chloroplasts and a supernatant solution. We removed the supernatant solution yet again to isolate the chloroplasts because the chloroplasts were what we wanted to work with. We then diluted the solution of chloroplasts to have a solution large enough to use for the rest of the experiments. With that solution we tested what light the solution absorbed when added with grinding buffer and DCIP absorbance. We used DCIP as an alternate electron acceptor that would be an indicator of when photosynthesis was about to occur because was stopped before the reaction could get to Photosystem I.
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Lab Report5-AppConTemp - Lab Report #5 Template...

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