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CHEM 109A Lecture #5 Summary

CHEM 109A Lecture #5 Summary - CHEM 109A Lecture#5 The...

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CHEM 109A Lecture #5 The nomenclature of Cycloalkanes Cycloalkanes – alkanes with their carbon atoms arranged in a ring. This structure has two fewer hydrogens than alkane with the same number of carbons. General Formula – C n H 2n Suffix – cyclo to the alkane name Skeletal Structure – show the carbon-carbon bonds as lines, but do not show the carbon or hydrogen bonded to the carbon. Naming Rules 1 st Rule : If the cycloalkane is attached with a substituent no number is needed. 2 nd Rule – If the ring has two different substituents, they are listed in alphabetical order and the substituent given the number 1 is the one that results in a second substituent receiving the lowest number possible. Nomenclature of Alkyl Halides Alkyl Halide – a compound in which a hydrogen of an alkane has been replaced by a halogen. Classification - Primary alkyl halides bonded to primary carbon, secondary alkyl halides boned to secondary carbon, and tertiary alkyl halides bonded to a tertiary carbon.
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