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0420 bible notes

0420 bible notes - 04/20bible notes Ruth is depicted as the...

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04/20—bible notes Ruth is depicted as the great-grandmother of David Ruth is a foreigner of Moab—pedigree of King David is a major political issue— message is that David’s great-grandmother was a woman from a neighboring and rivaling nation to Israel Even though Ruth was a foreigner she was a great Moabite Maybe written as a way to make an alliance between Israel and Moab Why its okay for Israelite men to marry foreign wives—the story of Ruth A fictitious story written 500 years in the past to tackle an issue that Israelites were discussing at the time of Israelite men marrying foreign women Ruth, Boaz, Naomi all could be considered protagonists of the Book of Ruth. Being a widowed woman in the ancient world was considered an awful plight— no easy means of making an income—one of the most vulnerable groups of people= widows Boaz is taking care of Ruth and gives her a lot of fun—Ruth tells Naomi, then
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