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Case Briefs.Week3 - Kelly Bowers 103679426 Case Briefs Week...

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Kelly Bowers 103679426 Case Briefs Week 3 F ACTS : In 2001, Providence, RI (∆) conducted two training sessions (the 60 th and 61 st Police Academies). ∆ admitted potential needed police officers to these sessions based on their performance on a series of tests and an interview. Applicants who met these standards were written a letter of acceptance with the condition that they passed medical exams as well. The letter stated that it was a “conditional offer of employment.” During this time, a new police chief was hired. This new chief revised the rules and rejected 14 individuals who would have otherwise been accepted (including Derek Ardito, ∏). ∏ filed suit in a federal district claiming that ∆ breached a contract with the 14 individuals. I SSUE : Does the letter act as an offer to enter into a unilateral contract? R ULE OF L AW : Common Law A NALYSIS : ∆ clearly labeled their letter a “conditional offer of employment” unlike prior notices of information to applicants. ∆ accurately argues that there is no contract between the parties to ensure that ∏ would receive a place on the police force but that is not what ∏ is arguing. The contract that ∏ seek to enforce is not a contract that they will be appointed as permanent Providence police officers. Rather, that it is a contract that they would be admitted to the Academy. C ONCLUSION : The court issues an injunction to prohibit the city from conducting the 61 st Police Acadmey unless ∏ was included provided they passed their necessary health exams. F ACTS : University of Utah contracted with Fox Construction (∆) to build a sports facility. ∆ subcontracted with Gary Porter Construction (∏) to do excavation and soil placement work according to the specific sections of the project plan (“Included Sections”) for $146, 740. Later ∆ asked ∏ to do additional work that had not been included in the subcontract (“Excluded Sections”). ∏ did the work, ∆ did not pay additional compensation claiming the added work had been mistakenly excluded from the given amount. ∏ sued ∆ in UT alleging breach of implied contract, etc. I
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Case Briefs.Week3 - Kelly Bowers 103679426 Case Briefs Week...

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