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Question 1.87 One gallon of gasoline in an automobiles engine produces on average 9.5 kg of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, that is, it promotes the warming of the earths atmosphere. Calculate the annual production of carbon dioxide in kilograms if there are 40 million cars in the US and each car covers a distance of 5000 miles at a consumption rate of 20 miles per gallon. Question 3.98 A sample of a compound of Cl and O reacts with an excess of H2 to give 0.233 g of
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Unformatted text preview: HCL and 0.403 g of H2O. Determine the empirical formula of the compound. Answer : Question 3.146 Industrially , Hydrogen gas can be prepared by reacting propane gas (C3H8) with steam at about 400 degrees C. The products are carbon monoxide(CO) and hydrogen gas (H2). Write a balanced equation for the reaction. How many kilograms of H2 can be obtained from 2.84 x 10^3 kg of propane....
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