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GE207K PROBLEM SET 2 1) y’ + y = 5sin2t 2) y’ – y = 2te 2t y(0)=1 3) ty’ + (t + 1)y = t y(ln2) = 1 t > 0 4) sint(y’) + cost(y) = e t 5) 5 2 3 ' 2 - - = y e x y x , y(0)=1 6) Solve the initial value problem and determine where the solution attains its minimum value y’ = 2y 2 + xy 2 , y(0)=1 7) Blood carries a drug into an organ at a rate of 3 cm3/sec and leaves at the same rate. The organ has a liquid volume of 125 cm3. If the concentration of the drug in the blood
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Unformatted text preview: entering the organ is 0.2 g/cm3, what is the concentration of the drug in the organ at time t if there was no trace of the drug initially? 8) An object of mass 5kg is given an initial downward velocity of 50 m/sec and then allowed to fall under the influence of gravity. Assume the force in Newtons due to air resistance is -10v, where v is the velocity of the object in m/sec. Determine the equation of motion of the object....
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