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Analysis and Evaluation of Possible Solutions for Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon (Research Project, Final Draft) DaniyarOrazbayev ID number: 201041280 Tutor: Henry Robinson Date of submission:May 3, 2011 Word count: 3118 CPS UPC Course, Nazarbayev University Analysis and Evaluation of Possible Solutions for Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Currently our world encountersserious problem called as deforestation, which is the one of the most vitaland controversial environmental issues in the world. Deforestation iscutting down, clearing away or burning trees or forests.Particularly, tropical rainforests are one of the most threateningtypes of forests because of their location in developing countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, India, central African countries and Brazil. Deforestation rate in those regions is high enough to worry about, because oflarge economic potential of forest areas which are then cleared for economic purposes (Butler 2011e).As a result ofcauses such as expansion of land for agriculture, logging for timber, fire blazing and settling infrastructure, there might beserious impacts in future.For instance, extinction of endemic species of animals and plants, which could
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lead to unpredicted disasters, the increase of greenhouse gas emissions,which may lead to global warming and subsequent catastrophes, destruction of home for indigenous people which is considered as a violation of human rights. Some people can argue with these drawbacks telling that deforestation has more valuable benefits such as growth of economy, largeoutput of food and providing opportunities for a better life for poor families. However, these benefits are quite temporary and governments of that countries and world organisations try to cease deforestation proposing several solutions. Deforestation problemis especially acute in the Brazilian Amazon, where its rate is much higher compared with other regions (Butler 2011e). As has been said, considering the fact that deforestation may lead to several consequences, this paper will define rainforests and their importance, state problem of deforestation and its causes and propose and evaluate a number of possible solutions.For example,rehabilitation and increasing productivity of cleared lands, expansion of protection areas, amending and enforcing environmental laws, providing investments from developed countries and declaring moratoriums on certain types of products. To define rainforests, which cover significant area of the Earth, provide clean air, food, medicine andtimber and play crucial role in global ecosystem. Particularly, tropical rainforests are the most dominant type of forests. Afew thousand years ago 12% of the land surface was covered with tropical rainforests which are located between the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of Cancer. However, today they occupy only 5% of the planet.In spite of this small area, tropical rainforests
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Daniyar Orazbayev_final draft - Analysis and Evaluation of...

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