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Staff-Student Consultative Committee, CPS Astana, Kazakhstan Wednesday 26 th January 2011 EAP Minutes Present: Staff: Dr Christine Hoffmann (CPS Director), Jane Skirving (Head Administration/Academic Services), Michael Wozniak (CPS Senior Administrator). Student representatives: Aisulu Aitbekova , Chingiz Aitmagambetov , Iglik Alzhanov , Gaukhar Alzhanova , Dina Askarova , Kaisar Dauyey , Dinmukhammed Zhiyenalin , Yerkezhan Dyussenbekova , Aziz Kairatkhan , Aizhan Kakenova , Assylan Kassymov , Aidana Kassymova , Anar Kassymova , Meruert Kassymova , Zhanna Kurmangaziyeva , Daulet Magzymov , Azat Myrzagaliyev , Zhansaya Narbota , Ayaulym Nurgozhina , Kamilya Nurseitova , Yerzhan Omarbekov , Zeinep Orynbassarova , Zarina Rakhimberdina , Zhuldyz Serikova , Serikbolsyn Tastanbek , Natalia Tsoy , Aliya Ussinova , Kamilla Vafina , Adina Yelekenova , Zhanos Yerbolganov , Galym Zhumabekov , Kamilya Sydykova. 1. Welcome and introduction.
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Minutes Comments / proposed actions 2. Course structure and content. a. Overall, the majority of students are very satisfied with the course structure, the quality of the lessons and the teachers and are very grateful for UCL’s contribution; This is very pleasing to hear as UCL and tutors have put a great deal of time and effort into structuring the course and making it interesting and worthwhile. b. Nearly all of the students proclaimed the course structure to be very well organised in general with only minor flaws in some particular aspects; c. The majority of students said that they do not find ‘English for…’ classes useful and they would like these to be either drop in or optional classes; See sections d and e d. Several students from IR and Economics would like to have their ‘English for IR’ classes changed to ‘Academic Support for IR’ classes; Four ‘Academic Support for IR Workshops’ have been opened at the beginning of term 2. In addition, the existing ‘English for IR’ classes are now focusing on academic skills – reading, analyzing and summarizing texts in particular. Teachers in charge of these classes are encouraged to use reading material relevant to the IR course and to current affairs. Relevant reading material is available on Moodle (Academic Support section). e. Some students said they would like to change the way the ‘English for… ‘ classes are organised, because at the moment the topics they discuss in the classes do not match what they are doing in the relevant subject classes; ‘English for Economics, Chemistry and Biology’ are designed in collaboration with the subject teachers. Topics may differ when the emphasis is on specific academic skills (e.g. writing reports,
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SSCCM_EAP_March_11_minutes_and_T_comments - Staff-Student...

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