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The 21 st century is the century of new communication technologies, when the fast applications such as the Internet appears to change life of human. Information dramatically soared and people can get access to information very quickly not alike before. However, the Internet has several drawbacks. One of them is the piracy of multimedia products such as films, music and games. Its rate is increasing abruptly and became a real issue for authors who have copyrights for media product. This essay will propose some of solutions for this issue and evaluate them. First, the issue of piracy began, when people who wanted to earn some money copied disks and tapes and sold them. In some cases it was difficult to distinguish licensed and stolen product. However, the piracy was not significant as today and authors do not concern about them. Nevertheless, after some time the speed of connection of the Internet increased which allowed to download huge files and because of this cause piracy started to be an apparent problem. After
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