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Essay about population's growth_070511_Daniyar Orazbayev

Essay about population's growth_070511_Daniyar Orazbayev -...

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It is widely known that the world’s population is soaring abruptly. Currently, approximately 6.5 billion of people are living in the world and still these numbers appear to be rising. By the beginning of the 20 th century the world’s population was approximately 1 billion and the increase was indicated because of causes such as improvement of healthcare, which tends to decrease the child’s death and increase the lifespan and wishing to have lots of children by women from developing countries because of possible bright future which one of the children can bring to parents. Consequently, population growth brings impacts such as malnutrition because of lack of access to fresh food and water, increase of carbon emission rate, because of as more people are born the more carbon they produce and problems with the life services because more housing, schools and hospitals will be required. This essay will propose two possible solutions for this issue and will evaluate them. Two possible solutions were proposed for this problem. Firstly, it was proposed that women from
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