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Company Prospective - • Overwraps Packaging Inc in Dallas...

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Company Prospective Company Identification: Overwraps Packaging, Inc 3950 La Reunion Parkway Dallas, TX 75212 (214) 634-0427 Beth Spitz, Controller Company History Overwraps Packaging was founded in 1976, but wasn’t incorporated until 2007. The company's original mission was to service customers who required small-volume print and/or laminated products with short lead times. Today, Overwraps continues to provide this service and has expanded its capabilities to handle the full range of customer requirements. Company Classification:
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Unformatted text preview: • Overwraps Packaging, Inc in Dallas, TX is a private company Company Activities: • Supplier of flexible packaging products • Customers include Tom’s/Lance, Don Miguel Mexican Foods, and Snyder’s of Hanover • Companies in Related Field include Print-Pak and Tri-Star Plastics Company Size • Overwraps employees approximately 75 plant employees, office employees, and executive management employees. • Annual Sales for 2010: $26,000,000 Location of Facilities • One office located in Dallas, TX...
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