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Anna Mbamalu world lit improve

Anna Mbamalu world lit improve - Anna Mbamalu Mrs Williams...

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Anna Mbamalu Mrs. Williams AP English 4 17/1/11 The Path of the Oppressed to Freedom Nora Hemler from A Doll’s House Henrik Ibsen, in his drama A Doll’s House , Nora Helmer is portrayed as a naïve, giddy woman with an appalling secret of committing forgery to gain access to a loan for her meager husband’s health. Her transgression looms in the light one Christmas Eve, leaving this doting wife stunned of how little the world and her husband thinks of her. This drama hoists a crucial query: Is it better for one to confine in an unwanted life or face the consequences and leave it all for a unique identity? Throughout the play, ensemble characters ingeniously merged the entertaining, heartwarming scenes of Christmas with the inner drama of the limits of society and trust within marriage. Nora Hemler faces numerous slings and arrows that lead her to drastic decision of abandoning her family to find her own way. At first she was consumed by the façade of her doll-like reality consisting of her dogmatic husband and dependent children, but later, in the denouement she realizes the importance of her individuality which allows her to “take arms against [her] sea of troubles” (Shakespeare 3.1.123). Consequently, Nora dies from her Barbie doll veneer in order to be reincarnated into an individualist truth, making her the authority over her own life. Nora, an undemanding obedient spouse and mother of three is perfectly content with being subservient to her husband, Torvald’s will. Her life has always been a puppet on strings because that is all she has ever known—to be under the regulations of another—first her father now her husband. In her role as a housewife breaking free of these puppet strings, she
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tells an allegory of the consequences she tackles when helping loved ones while being troubled by the loan she took out to save her husband’s life. As the play progresses Ibsen reveals that though she acts as a piece of furniture in the family she does have an intuition because she makes the decision to forge her father’s signature in order to aide her husband. Her intuition is further
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Anna Mbamalu world lit improve - Anna Mbamalu Mrs Williams...

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