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Throughout the play the dialogue between the men allows us to see the demeaning view the men have for women. Mr. Hale declares that "women are used to worrying about trifles". In saying this he is demeaning the many tasks and details women are responsible for. This also shows his ignorance of how those duties are crucial in allowing a household to function smoothly, he implies their unimportance. T he manners in which the women are presented symbolize their two different personalities. Also, their personalities symbolize two different husbands and the different views of the men in their lives. During that time women had barely any say in any matter and their opinions reflected the opinions of the men in their lives. Mrs. Peter's opinion stems from the fact that her husband is the sheriff and she is more likely to side with her husband's opinion but Mrs. Hale's opinion stems from the fact that she too as woman has experienced the loss of a loved one and sympathizes with Mrs. Wright. In the end both
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