ENglish 2329 Reader REsponse 2

ENglish 2329 Reader REsponse 2 - Mbamalu 1 Anna Mbamalu...

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Mbamalu 1 Anna Mbamalu English 2329 Professor David Wallace December 6 th , 2011 Over history, violence has largely been associated with masculinity. The idea of violence in the modern world has largely been attributed to masculinity. Works of literature as well as movies mainly associate violence and masculinity. Many movies have masculinity and violence as a central theme. The traditional idea of masculinity has slowly changed in modern society. Traditionally, the world has expressed masculinity as the ability to take pain and being able to display immense levels of bravado. However, masculinity and violence in the modern movies and books include profane language and deadly use of violent force. These two aspects have largely become synonymous with masculinity and violence. From Brokeback Mountain, we deduce that the very idea of masculinity in the American West is not compatible with homosexuality. Ennis is an orphaned lad who has dropped out of high school. He is told, “It’s all we got, boy, fuckin all, so I hope you know that if you don’t ever know the rest.” The use of profane language and Jack calling Ennis boy suggests masculinity. He lives on hardship funds and comes through as pragmatic. He is shackled by the circumstances in his life. He does not opt to go away with Jack to make an excellent life. He instead takes into account the reality at hand; there exists strong nay violent opposition to the idea of two gay ranchers cohabiting. As a self-appointed agent of change in a fiercely macho American West, Jack had to meet his gruesome fate (Forth, 50). His father believes his son's views will never gain acceptance. Jack says, “Nothing ever comes to my hand the right way.”
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Mbamalu 2 It does not occur to him that he may be living a fantasy and that he could do with a dose
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ENglish 2329 Reader REsponse 2 - Mbamalu 1 Anna Mbamalu...

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