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Readr Respnse 1 Rewrite - 1 Mbamalu Anna Mbamalu English...

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1 Mbamalu Anna Mbamalu English 2329 Professor David Wallace December 6 th , 2011 Identity Crisis Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club shows how society has defined a specific ‘cubicle’ character/behavior for each individual. The protagonist of the novel finds himself trapped in the defined identity that his society has laced him. He struggles to find who he is. His society forces him to identify himself with the support group of terminally ill patients and of men who can only express themselves through violence causing him to loose his true self. The narrator’s lose epitomizes how people can allow unimportant things that surround them define them. Sleep deprived for almost three weeks, the sleep anemic protagonist had to seek medical help from his doctor but instead the only advice he got was to attend support groups for terminally ill patience. He took this advice and started attending the support groups. Through these groups he found some sort of identity. Through these groups he was able to discover some sort of a self—they had an illness that they would die from and he thought/felt he had a detrimental illness too. “Every evening, [he] died, and every evening, [he] was born—Resurrected” (Palahniuk, 22). These groups filled with dying patients were ironically his fountain of new life. Their tears were the water that gave him a bath of new life of new identity. Everything was going swell until the figure Marla Singer showed up. Marla was the ‘outsider’—the agent sent from society once again to exhume his insecurities that kept him up at night. Marla was here to judge and define
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2 who he is and was just like society does outside the illness groups. She lied just as he did and those lies that he thought were miniscule now haunt him just like Marla haunts him. His resurrection through the fountain of life made up of the group of ill patients wasn’t
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Readr Respnse 1 Rewrite - 1 Mbamalu Anna Mbamalu English...

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