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I interpreted “a merry smile” (17) to mean a delightful edible piece of fruit. Lovertov writes “red- currant red, a graceful ornament or a merry smile” (16-17) the word “currant” (16) literally means, a small, edible, acid, round fruit or berry. When written “red-currant” the word “red” (16) is meant as a ripen fruit. When a fruit is ripe it is often sweet and delightful when eaten. This is how one can understand “a merry smile” (17) to mean a delightful edible piece of fruit. The name of the poem is “The Victors”, the literal meaning of victors is, a person who has overcome or defeated an adversary; conqueror. The Victors in this story is the “alder” (2) or shrub. The “alder” (2) was facing challenges when the “we” (5) tried to remove it, “We cut it/ savagely, hunted it from the pasture, copped it”, (5-6) but the “ alder” (2) continued to grow back. After 2 months of being “chopped” (6) away
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Unformatted text preview: it finally grew back strong enough to be useful to those who will enjoy its berries, thus the “alder” (2) is the conqueror. The tone of this poem is very pessimistic with no hope. This is because the “we” (1) in the story has no hope in this “alder” (2) and they continue to want to chop it away. They believe that this “alder” (2) “. . . takes/ the light and air and the good of the earth” (10-11) and “ it must go” (10) They have no hope that this bush will blossom into a beautiful and use full bush, as it did in the end of the poem. The pessimistic tone of the story leads the readers to believe that the authors has little credibility, she obviously has not a clue about gardening because if she did the poem would have had a more optimistic tone. Work Cited Levertov, Denise. "The Victors." Reading Literature and Writing Argument. 3rd ed. Ed. Missy James and Alan P. Merickel. New Jersey: Pearson, 2008. 327-328.Print....
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