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12/6 Ch. 2,3,7,9,10 10 Qs from each chapter, each worth 1pt. Short responses BE SPECIFIC 2 questions about glass ceiling article Pg. 11 10pts/each question Focus on extent to which men encounter glass ceiling in female professions and main mechanism they do or do not encounter that glass ceiling glass escalator (lec. 10/27) Working environments that males encounter in female dominated professions and how those working environments push men up the occupational escalator Preparing for power: 3/11-3/21 Cultural capital and curricular elite and America’s boarding schools . 2 questions What cultural capital is? And how does it work to separate the haves and have nots in society? Know something about social mechanisms to which cultural capital is passed on to students in elite boarding schools. Be able to use concept of cultural capital and apply to on life How amount of cultural capital one posses impacts ones ability to succeed in life: (10pts.)
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Unformatted text preview: Conceptual links between Diever Pager “discrimination in a low-wage market” and “cultural capital” Hodgens articles: • How possessing cultural capital may/may not help members of minority groups who are seeking employment in low-wage markets? (10pts) • Education—way one talks, carries oneself; cultural capital. linking cultural capital and pager article… reveal assumptions of a person. • Counterfactual: what would happen if men who are in positions of power and society in general… are in female dominated jobs. . do men encounter glass ceiling like women do or do they encounter something else? Glass escalator… how are they bumped up on occupational structure?—SOCIAL MECHANISM o Men are social/ job leaders… stereotypes; automatically seen as more qualified as managers and leaders o...
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